What’s a Favourite?

A Favourite is any type of music (e.g. Album, track playlist) from almost any source (Tidal, Core, Local music etc) that you want to see on the Home Screen of the Naim product you’re listening to.

Can anything be a Favourite?

Nearly. You can Favourite all items found on: Naim server (Core), Naim Server (Atom/Star/Nova/ND5XS, NDX2, ND555), TIDAL, Qobuz and some Spotify content.
… but not on: Naim Server (HDX, Uniti Serve), third party UPnP Servers.
What is a Spotify Favourite?Spotify Favourites are a little different from other streaming Music Favourites. This is a Spotify feature that allows you to recall a 'favourited' Spotify play queue rather than pointing at a specific media item.

How do I create a Favourite?

Look for the outlined star icon or 3 dots. Most items in a list (e.g. from a Search) or when selected will have an ‘Options' menu (3 dots) in which you’ll see an ‘Add to Favourites' option with a 'star’ icon. 

Once added, the item will always show with a filled star.
It can be un-Favourited from the same places.

How do I use my Favourites on my Home Screen?

All Favourites are displayed under their appropriate tab with the most recently added at the top. The first 10 Favourites are shown, but you can press 'More' to see them all with greater sorting and filtering options.

Can I sort the Favourites on the Home Screen?

No. They’re arranged with the most recent at the top so you can quickly access the latest music you’ve acquired through Favouriting. Think of it like putting your newest CDs at the top of the pile.

I’ve got loads of Favourites. How can I sort and filter them?

Opening the Favourites browser (the ‘star' icon) or tapping 'More' at the bottom of a tab on the Home Screen will take you to all your Favourites where you can sort and filter your collection with greater control. Just tap 'A-Z’.

What’s the Home Screen Favourites icon for?

Tapping the 'star' Favourites icon opens a Favourites browser to give you greater control over all your Favourites. Selecting any category allows you explore your collection via detailed sorting and filtering. 

I don't need the Favourites icon, can I hide it?Yes. Select the ‘Settings' icon (cog wheel at the top right) and then ‘Input Settings’, then 'Favourites’ where you can hide it from the Home Screen. The Favourites functionality is unaffected.
Will I see my Favourites on all my Naim products?Yes. Once a Favourite is created, it is available on any Naim product that can play it. For example, you can Favourite a Tidal album whilst listening on your Atom and access it immediately from Favourites on your NDX2.


What’s a Preset?A Preset is a short-cut to play any Favourite that you want to access quickly from the app or your product.

Naim App (all Naim streaming products)

  • first tab of the Home Screen
  • Presets section in the Favourites browser

Mu-so/ Mu-so Qb (1st and 2nd gen)

  • 5 illuminated markers on the top dial

Uniti Atom, Star and Nova (with Firmware 3.5+)

  • front panel star button
  • remote control star button
Can anything be a Preset?
It depends on your product.
Mu-so/ Mu-so Qb 1st Gen,ND5 XS, NDX, NDS, UnitiQute, UnitiLite, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, SuperUniti, NAC-N 272, NAC 172 XS
  • Radio stations

Mu-so/Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen

Uniti Atom, Star and Nova (with Firmware 3.5+)

  • Radio stations, Spotify, Tidal/Qobuz Albums, Tracks and Playlists

Why should I use Presets?The Presets tab can contain Favourites of all types so you can combine your most frequently accessed radio stations, albums, playlists etc in one place. Additionally, when accessing music directly from your product you can avoid having to handle a carousel of hundreds of items.
Perhaps you want to alternate between a couple of radio stations and a playlist of tracks that you curate on TIDAL or Qobuz.
Alternatively, you may have a selection of tracks or albums that you like to use to test your systems.
Can I custom sort Presets?Yes. Unlike other tabs on the Home Screen, Presets can be custom sorted by dragging and dropping them in the Home Screen or the Favourites browser.
I thought only Radio stations could be Presets?This is true for the following products: 
ND5 XS, NDX, NDS, UnitiQute, UnitiLite, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, SuperUniti, NAC-N 272, NAC 172 XS, Mu-so 1st gen, Mu-so Qb 1st gen
How do I create a Preset?There are 2 ways to create a Preset in the app: 
  • When you create a Favourite you will be asked if you also want to have that Favourite as a Preset.

  • When you edit a Favourite (by selecting the ‘3 dots' Options menu on the Favourite) you will see an 'Add to Presets’ option

Will I see the same Presets on all my Naim products?No. Presets are unique to each of your Naim products.