** IMPORTANT: Update your device to minimum iOS 14.3 **
On December 15, 2020, Apple released iOS 14.3 with a fix for their bug preventing Wi-Fi setup of your Naim product. We strongly recommend you update to minimum iOS 14.3 (click here to learn how) and start the setup process again. You should no longer need to carry out any extra steps.

iOS 14.2 Wi-Fi setup issue

Due to certain issues in iOS 14.2 the Naim App cannot complete the Wi-Fi setup of your Naim product without manual intervention – and as a work around your Naim product must be setup as an ‘Airplay speaker’ in iOS – then finished in the Naim App. 

IMPORTANT: You will be doing this process on your iOS device so please ensure you are comfortable switching between apps by pressing the Home button twice to choose which app to view. This will allow you to read these instructions and apply them in the right place. 

Apologies for the nuisance.

Step 1: Where the issue occurs

  • In the Naim App follow directions to setup your product as you normally would – by going to the Setup new product option. 
  • Once you get to the Select Device screen – you will not be able to select the Naim product you wish to connect to your network and complete setup. Tapping on the option does not work, and will not respond.

Step 2: Select your Naim product in Wi-Fi Settings

  • Do not close the Naim Product Setup screen
  • Go to your Home Screen by pressing the Home Button once
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Wi-Fi 
  • Under Setup new Airplay speaker select your Naim product

Step 3: Connect your product to your network

  • Select the network you wish to connect the product to (usually your home network)
    • do not select to add a password here
  • Tap on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Airplay setup tool will then join your Naim product to your Wi-Fi network.
  • You may have to wait a little while your Naim product is brought on to your network
  • When Set-up is complete, select Done

Step 4: Completing the Set-up process

  • Return to the Naim App
    • pressing the Home Button twice will show you the open apps on your device and allow you to select the Naim App
  • Cancel any open options on the setup screen
  • Go to the Rooms screen
    • your newly added product will be listed
      • pull down to refresh if your product isn't shown
  • Select your product
    • You will re-enter the setup process but now connected to your network
  • Complete the rest of the setup options

Didn't work?

Here are a couple of things you can try:

  • Carry out/complete setup with:
    • An Apple device not yet on iOS 14.2 
    • An Android device with the app installed
  • Change the encryption on your router to WPA2/WPA  or WPA2/WPA3 Mixed Mode 
    • Some users have reported success when dealing with the iOS 14.x additional privacy and security that can affect network connectivity
    • This setting falls under Apple's recommended router settings. Read here