Sometimes, after a firmware update, the updated system fails to reappear on the Rooms screen in the iPhone or iPad version of the Naim app. Try these steps in order until the system appears.

1. Refresh the Rooms screen

In the Naim app, go to the Rooms screen and drag down to refresh it. This forces the app to redisplay all the Naim systems it can find on the network.

2. Force close and reopen the app
On your iPhone or iPad:
  • Double-tap the Home button to display all running apps
  • 'Flick' the Naim app upwards to close it
  • Re-open it from the Home screen
3. Reboot the Naim system
Reboot by unplugging your system and leaving it for 30 seconds before plugging it in and turning it on again.

4. Reinstall the app
Delete the app from your device (not just the Home screen if the option appears) and reinstall from the app store

5. Restart all network equipment
On your network restart all equipment such as:
  • routers
  • switches
  • access points
  • ethernet-over-mains adapters
  • Wi-fi extenders