BT Smart Hub 2 users on the latest firmware upgrade (V0.26.03.01286, released April 2021) may have seen their wirelessly connected Naim products disappear from the Rooms screen of the Naim App even though the Naim product remains connected to the internet (e.g. continues playing radio, playlists etc).

What's the problem?
A bug in the BT Smart Hub 2 firmware prevents devices on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks from talking to each other. Like most routers, the BT Smart Hub 2 provides Wi-fi on both bands. Devices simply choose the most appropriate one. Users are usually unaware whether they are connected to 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz as the router makes sure that all devices can talk to each other, regardless of band.

However, this bug means that if your phone (or tablet) and Naim product are not on the same band they simply don't know about each other - as if they were on completely separate networks.

The Solution (until BT provide a fix)

Ensure all devices are on the same network by disabling the 5Ghz band. This will require accessing your router with a web browser and following the steps outlined in the link below.

Alternatively (though perhaps, impractical), wiring your Naim product to your router should solve the problem. 

Will this be fixed?

BT say they are rolling out a fix over May/June 2021

What else can I try?

  • Consider disabling your router's 'guest network' which can sometimes cause products to be hidden from the Naim app.