Naim is preparing to launch key firmware updates for its legacy streaming products. These essential updates will ensure the products can continue to stream TIDAL, which has implemented a new login authorisation process that affects older generations of products from many brands, not just Naim. 

Without a software update, TIDAL will simply stop streaming. You can download the update here from Thursday 30th September.

Firmware 4.8 does NOT apply to products running versions of Naim software prior to 3.00, or to any product with an n-Link connection - as seen in the picture below.

These will continue to function as they do currently – please DO NOT attempt the upgrade, which could stop your product from working at all.

Below are your guides to updating the firmware on a:

  • UnitiQute/Qute 2
  • UnitiLite
  • Uniti/Uniti 2
  • SuperUniti
  • NAC-N 172
  • NAC-N 272
  • ND5 XS 
  • NDX
  • NDS

Please ensure that you read the guides carefully before beginning the update process and keep it to hand for reference throughout.

If you are having difficulty or do not have the required hardware to carry out this update then please contact your local specialist retailer.