Poor app/product performance is often due to issues on the network. Using a 3rd party service called RouteThis you can initiate a Naim-specific scan that analyses  your network and provides suggestions for improvements. 

An update to the Naim App - version 5.23 for iOS devices and 2.23 for Android includes a simple new Self-Help tool designed to help identify and solve networking issues that could be interfering with the enjoyment of music streaming.

This new 3rd Party diagnostics tool is called RouteThis and is simple to run. The help tool also generates a key code, which users can share with Naim Tech Support team, should issues need further investigation.

How to use the new Self-Help Tool in the Naim App?

•   Go to the Rooms screen of the Naim App (simply tap on the name of any of your Naim devices at the top of the App screen)

•   Tap the ‘?’ symbol at the top of the Rooms screen

•   On the Help screen, scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Network scan’

Be patient! The scan can take a couple of minutes to complete.
Once the scan is complete, it will display test results for your network’s speed and health.

•   Select ‘Improve Network Health' at the bottom of the screen to discover ways to enhance your experience

•   A series of options will be presented – you can click on each of them in turn for more info

For example, you may see ‘Mesh Network Detected’ – click on this for targeted troubleshooting tips on mesh networks.

If the support tips do not solve your network issue, please contact Naim Tech Support, quoting the unique key code shown on the App help screen.

NOTE: Content is provided by Support and in English only. The app only launches the scan and self-help experience.